The Silence of Story

YASHICA first captured the world in 1949. Created to let your creative side out with a variety of film cameras. There was a period of silence before the YASHICA Brand Reborn campaign started in 2017.

YASHICA worked hard to create hype around this rebrand leaking trailers and creating a Kickstarter campaign. We worked hard to create a few new cameras that had a throwback feel to our roots. All of this lead to an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, brining YASHICA back to the forefront of film photography. 

You like taking photos and capturing the moment. Remember the long-lasting feel of film, using either traditional film or our new Digifilm. Today we're creating the cameras to let your creativity fly. Revive the everyday moment, tell different stories, show your experience. There's no wrong way. Even if the photos may not be perfect in your eyes, they are something special, reminding you of your adventure in that moment in time. Something meaningful. So get out there and start photographing your world.